pátek 22. prosince 2017

Popstar Ahri costume review & overview | UWOWO

 Hi all!

So another costume review / overview. This time from a Chinese cosplay store called UWOWO.
You can find their shop :
 Their own webshop
 Facebook fanpage
 Instagram fanpage

I would say the costume is pretty cheap given the quality received. Absolutely worth the money and I am saying it because I am genuinely impressed and happy of the result.
You can buy it for $69 with free shipping.

The package DOES contain: top part (which is connected coat, bolero and top), shorts, microphone, cap, necklace, belt, shoe/ankle rings?. 
The package DOESN'T contain: tails, orb, shoes, wig.

The costume is nicely sewn of elastic fake leather and undersewn with elastic knitwear. I was very surprised and excited about the quality and details given! Let's check some detailed photos together.

My results:

☉ strange smell
☉ packed in special bags + shipping company bag
☉ came in 2 weeks

☉ no mistakes in sewing
☉ few loose threads visible
☉ fit perfectly to my measures
☉ the necklace needed to glue down the ends
☉ great choice of fabrics
☉ undersewn top piece

Customer Service:
☉ helpful
☉ friendly
☉ nice


150% worthy, the best chinese costume I ever had in my hands, highly recommended. 


neděle 18. června 2017

BHINER Anna cosplay review


Got this awesome cosplay from Bhiner - the Taobao Agent! Shopping is so easy with them, I've already bought my D.Va suit from them :)  

Bhiner is a Taobao Agent. What does this means? 
Well Taobao is Chinese only online store, comparable to Ebay, Wish or Aliexpress. Taobao Agents are services which mediate the purchase for you. 
All you need to do is to search for it yourselfs or to message them and they will search for you - to be completely honest it's kinda complicated to search for something on Taobao... 
The next step is a first payment (your item price + service fee + domestic China shipping) to Bhiner. After that they will order the goods from the seller / store to their office, unbox it and upload a photo to your order once received, so you can see the quality etc. 
Then you will choose the shipping method and pay for the actual shipping to you. The shipping time depends on the shipping company choosed. 
And the last step is being happy of your order and wearing it! Yay!

Now - back to my Anna costume.

This is the photo displayed by the seller online:

These two photos I received from Bhiner:

The package included: dress, necklace, wig and crinoline / petticoat.

Jarvis loves the petticoat so much, cosplay approved by Jarvis !!

The dress (top piece and skirt) are sewn out of satin and fully embroided (!!!). To be honest I didn't expect that much effort, trully amazed me.  

Unfortunately the necklace and the wig arrived a bit damaged, I blame the shipping company for that...

Overall this is totally worth the money and I will order from (or with ? :D ) this shop again! 

Where to buy: https://cosplay.bhiner.com/

Bhiner on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bhiner.taobaoagent/?fref=ts

My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrumpyCait

My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cherrinka

Hope you like this article and the video!
Feel free to share :)


pondělí 8. května 2017

Review - Barevné čočky Nudy Blue (GEO Medical)


Ráda bych vám představila čočky, které jsem dostala od obchodu BarevneCocky.eu. Vybrala jsem si čočky Nudy Blue od GEO, protože podle recenzí na netu vypadaly, že hravě překryjí mé tmavě hnědé oči a vykouzlí z nich studánkově modré. 
Jak v mém testu dopadly? 

Listing na webu obchodu

Originální lahvičky

Originální lahvičky

Vypadají vážně skvěle! 

Vždy nechte čočky před nošením odpočinout v klasickém roztoku! 

Čočka na jednom oku, pro porovnání

Na obou očích. 

Jsou větší, než přirozená duhovka.

A na mě vypadají spíš jako šedé.

Výsledek? Jsou to velice pohodlné měkké čočky, téměř jsem je v oku necítila. Bohužel mne barva ani krytí nenadchlo, vážně jsem čekala výraznější modř. 
... Což není chyba čoček, věřím, že na modrých, šedých nebo zelených očích vyniknou krásně! 
Tenhle problém řeším bohužel u všech čoček a musím prostě jen zkoušet a zkoušet.. :) 

Čočky koupíte zde .

pondělí 27. února 2017

RoleCosplay Maleficent costume - review

Hey all! 

I'm now cooperating with RoleCosplay and got a chance to review these Maleficent dress.

They came in 2 weeks since I sent them my measurements (personally I think it's really awesome processing&shipping time).

Product photo was as follows:

Costume listing: 

Dress themselves are well-sewn and made of high quality fabric which changes color with different angles of light. This makes the costume more accurate! 
Shoulder-thingy is made of sturdy leatherette but you can shape it with your hands easily. You'll also get the choker made of the same leatherette.



☉ wrapped in generic plastic bag
strange smell
came in 2 weeks


choker was too small, I made another one
awesome details
gorgeous fabric which changes color with angles of light
seams follows body lines
I really love the materials used, sturdy leatherette was wonderful idea for the
shoulder/neck piece

Customer Service:

☉ quick responses
☉ helpful and friendly


100% worthy, highly recommended

 Overall these dress are beatiful costume and was fun to wear them. The only minus was strange smell, but this is probably just my problem, god knows what the shipping company did with it LOL. 

You can buy yours here:  http://bit.ly/RoleCosMaleficent

Check more costumes here: http://bit.ly/RoleCosplay

Video on my youtube channel:

Maleficent cosplay photo by Milos Mlady Photography